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Thank you for your interest in our Cards for a Cause Cash fundraiser 

With our CFAC you’ll receive everything you need to run a successful fundraiser. Read our program below and if this fits your needs please click Line 6 so we can get you up and running on your fundraiser.

Note that Boxed Cards change all the time and when a box sells out we replace it with a newer one. The website will update this each time there is a change.


1. Each member or individual receives an order form to collect orders over a 5-7 work day period (we found that this time frame works best, as parents tend to put off until the last minute then forget. However, you can go longer if needed). I will provide a customized order form via email for you to download, print or email to parents. If you'd like your supporters to use their Credit Cards to make purchases, I can provide an Online Ordering site for their use. NOTE: All boxed cards whether ordered Online or on the individual order forms, are always shipped to ONE location that you note on the agreement.


2. We offer 5 card boxes to sell. 4 card boxes contain 30 cards each and our Holiday Box contains 50 cards. All card boxes sell for *$30 each. Your organization makes up to $13 on each box. NOTE: *Partial local sales tax is due on each box unless you’re a non-profit and can provide us with your State Tax Exempt form and number not Federal Tax #. For Taxable States: A partial tax rate will be added to each box otherwise we can subtract the taxes from your earnings at the end of the fundraiser. 


3. At the end of your Fundraiser, you'll collect the orders and payment (cash or checks made payable to your organization). Complete our Tally Sheet and send it to your CFAF rep. listed on the form. For supporters that purchased online we will email directly to you their names and box order so you can add those to the Tally Sheet. Your order will be delivered within 5-7 business days after receipt of payment to one location. Shipping times may vary during Holidays & weather.


4. A very low 15 box order is required to qualify for the full cash benefits of this program which includes free shipping to one location. Unfortunately we are unable to provide fundraising benefits on orders of less than 15 boxes.


5. Payment will be arranged with your CFAC fundraising representative noted on the Tally Sheet.


6. Complete this FORM and we'll send you our CFAC 2024 Agreement.


When you receive our agreement please return it well before your start date. All additional flyers, graphics and the Custom order form will be sent via email for a successful fundraiser before your start date so you can start advertising the event. All flyers and graphics can be printed or added to your social media groups online or emailed to supporters/parents.


Any further questions please let me know as I'm here to help make your fundraiser a successful one, not a stressful one. 


Best regards,
Grace Delsuc

Educational Services Representative with PaperPie 

Representative for Cards for a Cause Fundraising since 1992

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